As a Medical Technology company you are dedicated to making the best possible product to improve the lives of patients and care providers. The best way to achieve that is to listen to what your customers have to say. However, getting that data is anything but easy.


There are challenges reaching customers through distributors, often across several countries. There are many data privacy and security concern to handle. Not to mention that customers are motivated to get in touch as soon as something goes wrong, but you often miss the opportunity to collect positive feedback.


What if getting these much needed user data and customer feedback were as easy as adding a QR code to your existing product?

The ResearchOntheGo data collection platform goes beyond we surveys allows your customers to  conveniently submit data directly from their smartphones. You can customize messages and notification timings to maximize number of reports. Collect data directly from patients and care providers with one tool. And channel these rich data to right links within your organization, be it quality management or marketing and customer service. 

Don't know where to start? Not to worry, ResearchOnTheGo can help you develop and implement a data management strategy that is just right for your organization. We are looking forward to helping your organization jump ahead in this journey towards data-driven innovation. Get in touch today!

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