At the heart of any research project is data. When the research is concerned with the health, wellbeing, and experiences of individuals, self-report data can shed light on how biology, environment, and society impact our daily lives and outcomes.  


Despite all the hype around eHealth, mHealth, and wearables, any tool beyond web surveys seems out of reach for most research groups. Even when resources are available, getting started with new methodologies and new technologies can seem like a daunting task.


What  if you could quickly launch pilots and seamlessly scale up projects, taking advantage of the latest mobile technologies?

The ResearchOntheGo data collection platform goes beyond web surveys and allows you to implement almost any study design, from cross-sectional surveys to longitudinal studies, electronic diaries, and experience sampling methods, all with one tool. You can customize messages and notification timings to maximize number of reports, knowing that the privacy of your participants is respected and their data is safe and secure. 

Don't know where to start? Not to worry, ResearchOnTheGo can help you design and implement a data collection strategy perfectly suited to your needs.

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