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Terms and Conditions for App users

In order to participate in any research study conducted with our Platform, you shall download our App in your smartphone and the App requires access to your phone’s camera in order to scan your study link. If you do not wish to grant access to the camera you may enter the study link manually.


Each research study is designed, created and managed by a Principle Investigator (PI). If you have any questions or concerns, contact the PI or the contact person designated by the PI. 

You must ensure that the research study in which you will participate has been granted approval by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority and, in order to participate in any research study, you must give your consent in writing according the Swedish law (2003:460) on ethical review of research regarding human beings.

Personal data policy for App users

All data provided via the App is stored anonymously and cannot be linked to the individual who provided it by our company. Only the PI has access and control of the identities of study participants. 

Our Company will not request any personal data about you when you download and use the App to participate in a research study.


Our company will not process or collect any personal data about you when you download and use the App.


Our Company will not control any personal data about you as a user and as a participant in any study research.

The compliance and correct application of the Terms and Conditions and the personal data policy will be strictly monitored by our company.

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