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User Guide for App users

Downloading the App

You may download our ReGo App from the App Store (for iOS users) or from Google Play (for Android users). 


On-boarding / Logging in

By logging into the App, you are automatically enrolled in the research study. In order to log in, you must receive a QR code or a study link from the person responsible for the study, either the Principal Investigator (PI) or someone designated by the PI.

Open the App and swipe up to open the login page. You may log in by scanning your QR code or by manually entering the study link. In order to scan the QR code, the App must have permission to use your camera. You will be asked to provide access to the camera the first time you try to log in. At any time you may grant or deny access to the camera on your phone's settings. 

Agreeing to our policies

When logging in, you will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions and personal data policy. Please read through these documents, they are quite short and will only take a minute of your time. 


Questionnaires, schedules, and questions

Once you are enrolled in the study, you will see all the questionnaires available in this study in your App's main page. By clicking on the "clock" icon, you can see the schedule set for each of the questionnaires. There two scheduling modes: at set times, or at randomized times throughout the day. These are set by the PI when designing the study. Fixed time questionnaires will always be triggered at the same time. Randomized questionnaires will vary the notification times from day to day.


By clicking on one of the available questionnaires, you can access all questions included in that questionnaire. You can provide answers to all questions at any time. However, the schedule for that questionnaire determines when you will receive notifications to answer the questions. 


At the scheduled times, you will receive a notification on your phone and be asked to provide answers to that questionnaire. You interact with the notifications similarly to other Apps, by double-clicking on the notification. You will be automatically redirected to the questionnaire as long as that notification is active.


The PI can determine how long each notification is active. If you do not reply to a notification within the specified time, you will see a "notification expired" page. This is only an indication that you did not respond to the notification in the specified time. You can, however, still access the questionnaire and provide answers to the questions at any time.



In the help menu of the App you will find: a link to this user guide, information to contact technical support, contact information to the PI or other designated contact person for your study, and a link to our user agreement.




In the Setting menu of the App you can: change the notification sound, change the text size, change language (English or Swedish), read about our platform, and leave the study. 



Leaving the study

You may choose to leave the study at any time. Please contact the PI if you are considering leaving the study. If you leave the study by accident, you can contact the PI and request a new QR code. When you leave the study, you can no longer access the study questionnaires nor provide answers to questionnaires. All the data you have already submitted will remain accessible to the PI. If you wish to delete all your data from the study, please contact the PI. 



Losing access to your phone

If you lose access to your phone for any reason please contact the PI so they may prevent any data entries that are not provided by you. When you have regained access to your phone or have sourced another phone, you can re-enroll in the study with a new QR code provided by the PI. 


Why am I not getting notifications?

In order for the App to create notification, please ensure that the App has the required permissions, that your phone is not in "Do Not Disturb" mode, and that the App is allowed to run in the background.


  • Go to Settings -> Sound -> Do Not Disturb -> make sure it is off.

  • Go to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> SEE ALL APPS -> ReGo App -> Notifications -> make sure show notifications is on.

  • Go to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> SEE ALL APPS -> ReGo App -> expand Advanced -> Battery -> make sure App can use battery in background (no restriction)


  • Go to Settings -> Do Not Disturb -> make sure it is off.

  • Go to Settings -> scroll down to the ReGo App-> make sure Background App refresh is on

  • Go to Settings -> scroll down to the ReGo App-> Notifications -> make sure Allow Notifications is on, and that lock screen, notification center and banners are all enabled. 

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