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Halmstad University and ResearchOnTheGo helping high blood pressure patients

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

A long standing collaboration between Halmstad University and ResearchOnTheGo, targeting a personalized digital intervention for individuals with high blood pressure, is nearing its first pilot study. This VINNOVA funded project aims to automatically tailor messages and reminders to the specific needs, goals, and resources of each study participant with the help of an AI agent. ResearchOnTheGo's data collection platform is providing the foundation for the intervention, integrated with Halmstad University's own AI-powered content delivery.

Curious about this project?

- Read a recent article published by Digital Health Science News

- Read the systematic review we undertook as the basis for designing the study.

- Read a previous article on Halmstad University's page

- Read more about the project Improving Medication Adherence through Person-Centered Care and Adaptive Interventions (iMedA)

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