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ResearchOnTheGo helps start-ups with market analysis in the summer of 2020

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

ResearchOnTheGo was one of the companies selected to participate in Silicon Halli in 2020. Silicon Halli is a yearly event at the Hallifornia festival, organized by the Inno-Quarted project. It gives start-ups and innovators a platform for testing their products and ideas in the context of an music festival.

The covid-19 pandemic, however, forced organizers and participating companies to quickly find alternatives to the face-to-face activities of previous years. Luckily, ResearchOnTheGo was ready to help participating companies collect crucial market information with a digital survey. Passersby could access the survey from posters located along Varberg's Strandpromenaden, or via social media posts.

Companies quickly reached almost 60 responses to their surveys and were able to make the most of this year's festival while respecting social distancing guideline. A win-win for for ResearchOnTheGo, all participating companies, and Halland!

Learn more about the Inno-Quarter project in this short video.

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